Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Gear Checklist- What To Wear For A Safe Ride?

We have a comprehensive guide to motorcycle safety gear for you. Follow as we discuss the best gloves, boots, pants, motorcycle helmets, and the rest of the essential safety motorcycle gear.

Motorcycle Gear Checklist

 So, Here is our list of the essential items you must wear to stay safe and have the best chance of survival in the event of an accident.

 Motorcycle Jacket

Jackets may offer the most variety of styles, materials, specifications, and features of any piece of clothing. Textile, leather, casual, retro-look, waxed cotton, breathable waterproof membranes, body armor, removable thermal linings, race styling, and rugged off-road looks Motorcycle jackets are all available in various color and pattern combinations.

Waterproof motorbike jackets

 Leather offers greater protection but is less effective at keeping the elements out, which can be alleviated by wearing a light, unlined waterproof jacket over the top. Leather jackets, once again, come in a variety of styles.

 Fit is critical. Too tight and it will feel restrictive, and the sleeves may ride up at high speeds, but too loose and draughts and rain will get in. Try on as many different jackets as you can and consider the type of riding you'll be doing.


Another essential piece of motorcycle gear safety equipment for the well-equipped rider is a pair of motorcycle gloves. Gloves with grip materials built into the palms will assist you in maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars.

Motorcycle Gloves

 The best protective motorcycle gloves have armor built into the palms and knuckles to protect your hands in the event of a crash.

 If you plan on riding in all weather conditions, you'll probably need more than one pair: what works in the winter will be far too hot in the summer.


The significance of a good pair of riding pants is frequently overlooked. Riding a motorbike necessitates the use of tough pants. Fortunately, a good pair of biking pants should not be too costly.

 Leather is the traditional material for motorcycle trousers, and it remains a popular choice due to its durability. Pants made of various tough, reinforced textiles are famous and tend to breathe better than leather.

 One of the most important functions of motorcycle pants is to protect your legs from the heat of the engine, so look for something with heat-resistant fabric.


Motorcycle boots are another essential piece of motorcycle gear.  Motorcycle boots should cover your ankles at the very least, but taller boots will provide better protection. They will protect your legs better, both from the hot engine and if your foot becomes trapped under your bike in a crash.

 In recent years, the market for casual and retro-style lace-up biker boots has grown, offering much of the protection of traditional bike boots while not looking out of place off the bike.


Because a helmet is the only piece of riding gear required by law, it must meet certain specifications.

Your helmet should fit snugly on your head and not move around, but it should not pinch. Finding the right size helmet requires determining your head shape, measuring your head to ensure proper fit, and consulting the helmet manufacturer's sizing chart to find a size that matches your head circumference. Motorcycle helmets are available in a variety of styles.

 Gentry Choice’s safety motorcycle gear can assist you ride more comfortably and safely, including:

  • Riding Suit
  • Knee Pucks
  • Ear Plugs


Keeping yourself and your motorcycle safe is an important thing to do and we hope we have provided you with enough information to keep you safe. We have got you everything covered. If you need any information regarding motorcycle gear, visit our website to learn more.

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