Carbon Steel Chef Knives Set of 5 with Wenge Wood Handles KST1603BLK


Gentry Choice® Handmade chef knives set of five is hand forged from 512 layers of high-quality steel and crafted rigorously for precision and performance. The blades boast a Rockwell hardness of 55-58 HRC. The black powder-coated finish of all kitchen knives adds a sleek and modern look while the Wenge-wood handles offer a comfortable and secure grip. This chef knives set includes a versatile range of knives to cover all your cooking needs, from slicing vegetables to carving meats. Whether you are a chef or a home cook, this kitchen knives set will bring supreme performance and style to your kitchen.

Chef Knives Set Features:

  • Hand forged from 512 layers of steel, ensuring unmatched strength and durability
  • Blades with 55-58 HRC Rockwell hardness provide a razor-sharp cutting
  • Black powder-coated on carbon steel blades finish enhances corrosion resistance
  • The handles are made from Wenge-wood
  • Designed for comfort and control, offering a secure grip for precise cuts
  • Includes 5 essential knives for all your cooking needs, from vegetables to meats
  • Comes with authentic leather sheath to securely keep all knives and ease of carrying
  • Ideal for professional chefs and home cooks, making it a thoughtful and practical gift


  • 1 x Clever (Handle 5.0”, Blade 6.5”)
  • 1 x Fillet knife (Handle 5”, Blade 8.5”)
  • 1 x Chef Knife (Handle 5.0”, Blade 8.0”)
  • 1 x Chef Skinning Knife (Handle 5.0”, Blade 6.5”)
  • 1 x Utility knife (Handle 5.0”, Blade 5.0”)
  • 1 x Leather sheath for each knife and a Package bundle sheath for whole set of kitchen knives

Package Includes:

  • Kitchen knives set of 5 pieces
  • Genuine cowhide leather sheath