Handmade Damascus Skinner Knife Twisted Pattern with Rose-wood Handle KSK1305

$ 1,051.00

Damascus skinner knife features a handle crafted from rosewood and a mosaic pin, complemented by a high-quality Damascus steel blade in twisted pattern. This full tang knife boasts 200 layers of high carbon and low carbon steel, meticulously hammered to achieve a professional level of quality. The blade's hardness ranges from 58 to 60 HRC on the Rockwell scale which ensures a long-lasting sharpness. This exquisite, handmade  skinner knife is ideal for both casual and professional use.


  • Handmade skinner knife in Damascus steel twisted pattern
  • Elegant Rosewood-Mosaic pin brass bluster handle
  • Long-lasting sharp edge designed specifically to cut all types of meats
  • Tapered grinding of the blade for extremely sharpness
  • Handle provides maximum control on movements with minimum efforts
  • Stain resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • A elegant Damascus pattern makes this skinner knife a great choice for professionals
  • Comes with a dazzling leather sheath to safely store this handmade knife


  • Overall length: 8.2” inches approx.
  • Blade length: 4” inches approx.
  • Handle length: 4.2” inches
  • Product weight: 145gm
  • Blade thickness: 3.66mm

Package Includes:

1 x Damascus Skinner Knife Twisted Pattern with Rose-wood Mosaic Pin Brass Bluster handle

1 x Handmade Leather Sheath (Design and color may vary as it is a hand made item)