Highlander's Kilt Sporran with Celtic Deep Embossing Pattern


Enhance your Scottish attire with Gentry Choice Highlander's Kilt Sporran, made with the genuine cowhide leather. Our highlander kilt sporran featuring a mesmerizing Celtic deep embossing pattern, symbolizing the rich cultural heritage of Scotland. Whether you're attending a traditional Scottish wedding, a Highland gathering, or simply embracing your Scottish roots, this traditional sporran will complete your ensemble with style and authenticity.


  • Made with genuine cowhide leather for durability and a touch of rugged charm
  • Features a button closure style to keep your belongings safe and secure
  • Customize the fit of the sporran for comfort and ease of wear
  • Precisely deep embossed Celtic design Artwork
  • Ideal for Scottish weddings, Highland gatherings, and cultural events
  • Traditional pin lock closure sporran measures 3.2"
  • Size approx. 18cm wide x 21cm height

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Leather Sporran
  • 2 X Chain Belt Straps