Tartan Kilt Pride of Scottish Outfit 8 Yards


Gentry Choice Tartan Kilt Pride of Scottish Outfit is made from medium weight and high-quality Acrylic fabrics which you will love to wear and show off your Highlander spirit. This Tartan kilt vibrant blue and purple hues and intricate plaid pattern not only pay homage to the historic clan but also makes a bold fashion statement. The Pride of Scottish Outfit showcases the rich heritage of Scottish tradition and offers a distinctive blend of sophistication and comfort. Perfect for formal occasions, wedding, cultural events, or even casual wear.

Scottish Outfit Features:

  • 80% Acrylic and 20% wool fabrics
  • 8 Yards and a minimum of 12-Oz Tartan Kilt material
  • Size adjustment upto 2 inches up or down using triple waist straps which are made of real leather
  • kilt features sturdy buckles and adjustable leather straps for a comfortable fit
  • Inner polyester lining for quality support and ensuring comfort to wear
  • Pleated back with flat look across front
  • Standard 24" drop length including 3.5" deep pleats
  • Machine washable

Scottish Outfit Package Includes:  

  • 1 x Tartan Kilt Pride of Scottish Outfit