Oktoberfest outfit

The ultimate guide to the best Oktoberfest outfit

Lederhosen and Kniebundhosen Oktoberfest outfit are the main Oktoberfest costumes mens which you will see almost every guy is fitted in. These are leather shorts that can be worn with matching suspenders and bibs on their own. They can either be short, over-the-knee length or long. They also come in a large variety of colors, traditional embroidery, endless range of designs and different types of leather where most popular type is Suede.

Oktoberfest costumes mens

Oktoberfest outfit  Lederhosen is worn with a long-sleeve button-down shirt that is either white or checked. Red, green, and blue checked shirts are the most popular and these days you will see a lot of locals wearing vests as well.

 Length of the lederhosen

How long your lederhosen should be is up to you but knee-length lederhosen are the most famous and they look the best. Over-the-knee lederhosen is also really popular as Oktoberfest outfit. Comparatively, Long lederhosen is less popular than the shorter version.

 Women Oktoberfest outfit lederhosen

Oktoberfest outfit Lederhosen for women has become very famous recently. If you are considering what to pick as a woman Oktoberfest outfit, know that you will see a few women in lederhosen but most of them are in dirndls.

Oktoberfest outfits for women

 Women lederhosen are not super taboo, so if that is the way you want to take in your Oktoberfest outfit for women, this is absolutely and great choice too. Like mens lederhosens, the Women's lederhosen come in a variety of designs, colors and embroidery artwork too however they are always above the knee. You would also wear either a checked or white shirt with them but for these, they deal more feminine cut shorts with sleeves (short).

 What should you wear as Oktoberfest outfit?

It is probably the most frequently asked question and the simple answer is no. you can wear whatever you want like jeans and a t-shirt or whatever else. You don’t necessarily have to wear Oktoberfest costumes but traditionally you should. Most people you see in the festival will wear their dresses accordingly.

 If you are unsure or worried that you will look odd! You must not be feared. If you are concerned that it might look odd to wear a traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest outfit even if you are as far from Bavarian as you can get, do not worry.

 Wearing traditional Oktoberfest outfit adds a lot of fun to the party and the whole experience. Dresses up in regular outfits if you want but there is always a good chance you will feel like you are missing something. This clothing is a huge part of the whole experience.

 Socks and shoes

There is a particular kind of shoe and sock to wear with lederhosen for men but for women, it does not matter much what type of shoes and socks they wear with their Oktoberfest outfits at this festival. There is a traditional style but you can wear whatever you want. These days, you will see a lot of buckle ankle booties plus white sneakers also.

 The shoes are kind of loafer sturdy boots and the socks are wool calf warmers and ankle socks effectively. Because you are likely not to want to drop a lot of money on a pair of shoes you might never wear again.


As far as Oktoberfest outfits go, less is more in the department of accessories. You should keep it to a minimum and as simple as it can be. A pair of pretzel earrings and a necklace and that is it for the day.

 Here are some popular accessories besides earrings and necklaces.

  • Alpine hats and flower crowns are something you can pick up at Oktoberfest as a good keepsake.
  • Wisen gluperl wear it when you get to Oktoberfest. You can pick from a variety of icons and they burn your name into a clip.
  • Charivaris chains that go across the front of your lederhosen hold a variety of treats.

 Oktoberfest Outfit purses

You should bring the smallest purse you find. You only need ID, cash, phone, or chapstick.

 What to wear as Oktoberfest Outfit if it is cool?

You will find it sunny sometimes and rainy or cold weather sometimes. Inside the tents, it is warm most of the time, but you still have to walk there and back.

 Here are a few options for cold weather.

You must consider a petticoat as it keeps legs comfortable and warm, wearing leggings are a completely acceptable addition to your Oktoberfest outfits on the years it gets cold. You can wear full-length tights that also match your skin.

 Also, bring a thin-layer sweater so you don’t get too hot if you have to carry a bulky sweater the whole day if the weather improves. There is also a traditional Oktoberfest sweater style but they are expensive.

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